Package against Satan


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Know Satanic Strategies

Escalating Evil

Victim of Satanic Cult

Modern Satanic Cults

Satan is a Real Entity

Satan: the Master of Evil

Satanic Prey

Satan’s Kingdom

The Antichrist

Antichrist’s Deception

The Lawlessness

Notice for the Youth

Lukewarm Christians

Message to Lukewarm Christians



Devil in the Vatican

Smoke of Satan

Attack to Roman Catholicism


Halloween Demoniac Celebration

Halloween and Children Sacrifices

Ban Halloween America

Mary Scares Satan

Independence from Satan

Growing Satanic Activity

Marriage and Family

Satanism in America

The Worst Animal


Hell is Eternal Suffering

Hell on Earth

Adrenochrome and Missing Children

Britney Spears

Lady Gaga


Battle against Lucifer

Lucifer’s Plans for The World

Satan Fears The Blessed Mother

Satan Is Reigning

Satan Is Now Here on Earth

Pope Benedict XVI is the Terror of Satan

Message to Seer Valentina Sydney

Halloween Horror

The Unholy Trinity

Heaven Discusses the Unholy Trinity

Why Can’t Man Understand

Leave the Street Early at Night

Hellish Vicious Circle


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